Solas. The Words That Remain

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Karan Casey (vocals), John Doyle (guitar, etc.), Seamus Egan (flute, banjo, etc.), Winifred Horan (fiddle, etc.), Mick McAuley (accordion, concertina, etc.), with Bela Fleck (banjo), John Anthony (percussion), Chico Huff (electric bass, fetlass bass), Steve Holloway (drums)

 Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing 

1. Pastures of Plenty
2. The Stride Set
3. The Waking Up Set
4. The Grey Selchie
5. Song of Choice
6. La Bruxa
7. I Am a Maid That Sleeps In Love
8. The Vega Set
9. A Chomaraigh Aolbhinn o 4
10. Sproggles Set
11. The Beauty Spot
12. Sraid an Chloig

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