Professor Murphy's History of Ireland - Duncan Crosbie

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Guided by the cartoon figure of Professor Murphy, children are brought from earliest pre-historic Ireland through to Ireland in the 21st century. Each chapter contains 2 double-page spreads, carefully divided into easily digested smaller sections. The book is illustrated in full colour throughout


1 Prehistoric Ireland and the coming of the Gaels
2 New ideas and invasions, 5th-10th centuries
3 Confusion all around, 10th-11th centuries
4 The shock of the Normans 1169-1254
5 Irish Revival, 14th to 16th centuries
6 Rebellion, Plantation & more Rebellion 1590-1641
7 To Hell or to Connaught, 1641-1685
8 Protestants in charge, 1660-1790
9 Revolution & Famine, 1790-1850
10 Nationalism on the march, 1848-1914 (i)
11 Nationalism on the march, 1848-1914 (ii)
12 War of Independence & the Irish Free State, 1916-1923
13 Partition & republic, 1923-1960s
14 Economic & social liberation, 1960s - present
15 The Troubles and their resolution, 1960s - present

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