Mysteries And Legends of Donegal - Keith Corcoran

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This book contains a collection of sixty one re-examined historical mysteries and legends from throughout County Donegal. The author reveals new and intriguing insights collected from interviews with over fifty storytellers and lore keepers which contributes to a brand new genre of Irish folkore research. It is written in a riveting, suspenseful style, forming part of a physical, atmospheric, winter time road trip around Donegal. The historical mysteries and legends investigated range from 5,500 years ago up to modern times, and are accompanied by a specially commissioned guide map and illustrations.

‘’Keith is a true seanchaí, in the ancient Gaelic tradition of storytelling. He is the teller who preserves the myths and legends of our people and passes them on to succeding generations. With this book, Keith has preserved and passed on a range of wondrous, often terrifying tales of Donegal. Again and again I found complete stories which I previously knew only in tantalising scraps. This book is a treasure. It is a book to preserve on your bookshelf, not just for yourself, but for your children and your grandchildren. It will be forever a Donegal classic.’’

Soinbhe Lally, author of ‘Ancient Legends of Ireland’ and Favourite Irish Fairy Tales’.

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