Jumping Ahead – Harriet Earis

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Harriet was classically trained, reaching Grade 8 with Distinction on concert pedal harp.

Asked to join a London-Irish band in her gap year, she had a religious conversion to Irish music and has never looked back since.

She is now considered one of the foremost exponents of the Celtic harp in the UK, specialising in Welsh, Irish and Scottish music.

 Liosta Traiceanna / Tracklisting –

  1. Vally Rhythm
  2. After Otters
  3. Blind Mary in America
  4. Dancing Mathematicains
  5. The Clan Neil Trip to China
  6. Maggie’s Pancakes
  7. An Caisdeach Bán
  8. Lonely
  9. Jumping Ahead
  10. The Dawn Day
  11. Mo Theinntean Fhéin
  12. The Gold Ring
  13. Raganarok
  14. The Fire Hose Reel
  15. Doimhneachd Anama
  16. The HarpaSonic set

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