Irish Trees and Shrubs - Peter Wyse-Jackson

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With its mild and temperate climate Ireland is the ideal home for many different trees and shrubs. Some occur naturally and some have been introduced over the centuries, thrived and in some cases gone wild. There is now a growing awareness of the importance of conservation and thankfully many of these species futures are more secure. There has never been a better time to see what is growing in our towns and cities. This is the perfect guide for anyone with an interest in learning more about identifying tress and shrubs.

Irish Trees and Shrubs is a handy compact guide to over 60 species of Irish Trees and Shrubs and is divided into family groups. Each tree or shrub is beautifully illustrated in colour and demonstrates how to identify each species by their leaves, fruit, flowers and tree shape. This compact guide will be invaluable for any rambler or gardener who wants to learn more about the Irish countryside.

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