Cití sa Gheimhreadh - Korky Paul & Valerie Thomas

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Níl Cití Cailleach ná a cat, Smúróg, róshásta leis an ngeimhreadh. Go deimhin tá siad bréan bailithe de. Sneachta agus leac oighir ar fud na háite agus iad araon ar crith leis an bhfuacht. Ansin buaileann smaoineamh Cití...

Cití Cailleach is tired of shivering in the cold and looking out at her garden covered in snow. And Smúróg is tired of frozen fur and whiskers. So Citi uses a little magic to bring summer and sunshine to her house. But when her house becomes swamped by unwelcome visitors, she summons back the snow to make them disappear.

Leagan Gaeilge de ‘Winnie in Winter’.

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