Belfast and the Irish Language Eag.: Fionntán de Brún

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This collection of essays explores Belfast’s relationship with the Irish language from its earliest roots through to the cultural pioneers of the 19th-century revival, the urban Gaeltacht of the 1960s, the Belfast of the Good Friday Agreement and beyond.

Fionntán de Brún is a lecturer in Irish, St Mary’s University College, Belfast. His study of Seosamh Mac Grianna was published in 2002.


Belfast place-names and the Irish language - Patrick McKay

The Irish language in Belfastuntil the eighteenth century - Aodán Mac Póilin

Robert MacAdam and the nineteenth-century Irish language revival - A.J. Hughes

The Ulster Gaelic Society and the work of MacAdam’s Irish scribes - A.J. Hughes

The Fadgies: an ‘Irish-speaking colony’ in nineteenth-century Belfast - Fionntán de Brún

Irish in Belfast, 1892-1960: from the Gaelic League to Cumann Chluain Ard - Aodán Mac Póilin

The Shaw’s Road urban Gaeltacht: role and impact - Gabrielle Nig Uidhir

Protestants and the Irish language in Belfast - Gordon McCoy

Irish-medium education in Belfast -Seán Mac Corraidh

The Gaeltacht Quarter: promoting cultural promiscuity and wealth - Seán Mistéil

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