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Bean Ag Baint Duilisc.  Danny O Donnell

Bean Ag Baint Duilisc.
Danny O Donnell

An chuid is fear de cheol Dhún na nGall.

The Cd features the great Rosses fiddle master Danny O Donnell and is based on recordings made in 1988, O Donnell is accompanied by Seán Byrne on guitar and on harp by Janet Harbison. The recordings were sourced from the archives of Cartlann Cheol Thír Chonaill.

Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing:

Crónán Na Máthar / The Glengesh. (Slow Air/Hornpipe)
The Laird O’ Thrums / MacKenzie Hay. (Strathspeys)
The Moving Clouds. (Reel)
Gan Ainm / Connie Gallagher’s. (Polka)
Coinlach Ghlas An Fhómhair / Gan Ainm. (Slow Air/Reel)
The Broken Bridge / The Low Level. (Hornpipes)
Cahir Rua Of Cavan / The Mint in the Corn / Gan Ainm. (Reels)
Gan Ainm / Neil Doherty’s. (Jigs)
Barndance Gan Ainm.
The Wounded Hussar / King George IV. (Slow Air/Highland)
Biddy O’ Bearnas / Miss Baskin. (Reels)
Tiarna Mhuigh Eo / Jenny Jumped Over The Wall. (Slow Air/Slip Jig)
The Golden Eagle / Gan Ainm. (Hornpipes)
The Duchess’ Slipper / Neil Gow’s Wife / The Earl Of Dalkieth. (Strathspeys)
Rakish Paddy / The Blacksmith’s Fancy / The Blacksmith’s Anvil. (Reels)
The Bluestack Mazurkas
The Lancer’s / Bean Ag Baint Duilisc. (Jigs)
The Blackbird / The Irish Washerwoman. (Slow Air/Slip Jig)
The Cashmere Shawl / Sportin’ Belles / Neil Doherty’s. (Reels)
The Teelin Polkas.
The Brown Braes Of Fintown / The Friendly Visit. (Hornpipes)
Miss McCleod’s / John Doherty’s Rambles. (Reels)


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