The Merry Love to Play - Peter Horan & Gerry Harrington

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Peter Horan is a legendary flute player from Killavil, Co. Sligo and this is the second album that he has recorded with Gerry Harrington, a talented fiddler from Kenmare, Co. Kerry. Their first album, Fortune Favours the Merry, was released in 2005 to critical acclaim and The Merry Love to Play will do much to confirm their excellence as a duet.

The new album is completely unaccompanied, a very rare occurrence in commercial music, allowing the listener to focus entirely on the two melody instruments and also maximizing the opportunity to hear Peter Horan's unique flute playing.

The musicians' distinct styles complement each other superbly, with Gerry's delicate and airy playing providing the perfect counterbalance to Peter's rhythm-driven style. Gerry Harrington has provided meticulous notes in the booklet on the sources for the tunes.

Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing

1. Reels: The Killavil Buck's / Fred Finn's
2. Jigs: The Idle Road / Molloy's Favourite
3. Reels: The Flowers of Red Hill / The New Steamboat
4. Reels: The Liffey Banks / The Shaskeen / The Bag of Spuds
5. Jigs: Dick Sullivan's Favourite / The Spotted Cow
6. Hornpipe: The High Level
7. Reels: The Swallow / The High Reel
8. Air: Her Mantle so Green
9. Reels: Sean Ryan's / The Blackthorn Stick / The Green Groves
10. Jig: The Old Grey Goose
11. Polkas: Johnny Gorman's / The Primrose
12. Reels: Doctor Gilbert's / The Queen of May
13. Waltz: The Killavil Waltz
14. Hornpipes: Murphy's / The Derry
15. Air: The Coolin
16. Reel: Miss Monaghan's / The Duke of Leinster / The London Lasses

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