The Complete Guide to Ireland’s Birds le Eric Dempsey agus Michael O’Clery

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The Complete Guide to Ireland’s Birds was published in 1993 and quickly established itself as the best and most comprehensive such guide ever produced. It was a best seller.

What made it unique was that it covered all species recorded in Ireland to that date, and did so using an original layout including birds in typical poses as well as standard identification plates. It included the most up to date distribution maps and full descriptions of males, females, immatures, voice, diet and preferred habitat of 312 species. It also had brief descriptions of over 100 rare species.

All these features are retained in the new edition. The principal changes concern the Irish bird population itself. Some species, such as the Corn Bunting, have become extinct while others, such as the Little Egret, are now well established. There have been falls in both Skylark and Lapwing populations and distribution while Corncrakes are re-establishing a breeding population in areas where they have been extinct for almost forty years. In addition, many species have been seen in Ireland for the first time since 1993. The new edition of the Complete Guide reflects these additional species, thus maintaining its coverage of all species recorded in Ireland to date. This completely updated edition will confirm Dempsey and O’Clery’s work as the outstanding guide to Irish birds.

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