The Butterflies of Donegal - Bob Aldwell & Frank Smyth

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The Butterfiles of Donegal is the first book to provide a complete illustrated guide to Donegal butterflies. It is intended for all those who wish to see and enjoy butterflies in their natural habitats. The contents are based mainly on a systematic survey carried out in the period 1998-2015, with inputs from one hundred and sixty voluntary recorders. The book should be of value to all those with an interest in the biodiversity and natural history of Donegal, including those living in the county, as well as visitors. It also provides a valuable reference and baseline against which future generations can compare any changes which may occur in the coming years.

This beautifully produced and copiously illustrated book covers all aspects of butterflies and their habitats, including:

• A short history of butterfly recording in Donegal
• Details of the most important butterfly habitats
• Descriptions and photographs of individual species of butterfly
• Distribution maps for each species
• A list of twenty-one of the best butterfly sites in the county, with detailed instructions about access to each site.

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