Further down the Old Plank Road - The Chieftains

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The critically acclaimed and two time Grammy Award nominated Down the Old Plank Road was one of the major events in roots music circles. The record paired the world's most famous traditional Irish band with some of the greatest pickers, troubadours, country stars and American favourites in Nashville. The Chieftains were out to demonstrate the musical bedrock that Ireland and America share. Sometimes the songs were native to one side of the Atlantic and sometimes they came from the other. It made no difference. Whatever the song's origin, the collaborations on Down the Old Plank Road worked brilliantly.

The subsequent TV special and DVD included several performances that did not appear on the album, suggesting the The Chieftains had more Plank Road "in the can", and 'Further Down the Old Plank Road' is proof of that. Whether it's a sad ballad or a hornpipe, this is music that unites our cultures in a profound way. And whether in a studio in Nashville or on a stage in Dublin, The Chieftains communicate in a universal language.

Track Listing:

1) Raggle Taggle Gypsy
2) Jordan's A Hard Road To Travel
3) Hick's Farewell
4) Shady Grove
5) Girl From Sunny Tennessee
6) Rosc Catha
7) Lambs In The Green Fields
8) Moonshiner
9) Wild Mountain Thyme
10) Chief O'Neill's Hornpipe
11) Cheating Waltz
12) Squid Jiggin' Ground
13) Three Little Babes
14) Fisher's Hornpipe
15) Talk About Sufferin'
16) Lily Of The West

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