Donegal Annual Volume II - 1945-1959

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This volume, the second in a series, contains articles, maps, photos and drawings from five back issues of Donegal Annual, the journal of County Donegal Historical Society. First published between 1954 and 1959, they feature some of the leading authorities on Donegal history, heritage and folklore: the Franciscan authors, Fr. Canice Mooney and Fr Terence O'Donnell and three former presidents, P.J. Mac Gill, Fr Paddy Gallachair and Denis Verschoyle. Others include the noted authority on medieval history, Rev. Aubrey Gwynn of UCD and J. C. T. Mac Donagh, a founder member and President. Articles cover ancient burial places at Drumholm, early Christian history, public transport, fisheries, the rundale system, environmental studies, Donegal castles, the woolen industry and church history. There are several studies on the history of the diocese of Raphoe, holy wells, Fr. John Colgan, famous bishops and the Four Masters. Other subjects include hearth money rolls, family histories and woodlands, Famous historical figures such as Colmcille, Lord Leitrim, the Allinghmas, and Red Hugh O'Donnell are dealt with in detail. There are interesting accounts of social life in ancient times and during the Great Famine. In fact, with articles on Killybegs, Inver, Tory, Bundoran, there are a few districts omitted. The articles are written in a style that is easily readable with extensive references, notes and bibliographies for further in-depth exploration and analysis. Seldom has such a thorough and comprehensive study of the county been in one volume.

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