Casadh na Taoide / Turning the Tide - Liadán

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"Casadh na Taoideâ" is a truly outstanding recording from Líadan, a group who have firmly established themselves on this their 2nd album as a genuine force to be reckoned with. Well chosen and well crafted sets of tunes perfectly showcase Líadan's instrumental supremacy culminating in a sound that is both refreshingly new yet at the same time respectful of the tradition in which these six girls are so obviously steeped in. Rarely have I heard such exquisite and heartfelt vocal gems as those found on "Casadh na Taoide". Individually they deliver standout vocal performances that are further enriched by their beautifully ethereal and almost sibling sounding harmonies reminiscent of an early Clannad or Skara Brae. Enough said, buy it and delight in it as much as I have." Kevin Crawford.

Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing

  • Bímis ag Ól/Captain’s Hill Jig (comp. Claire Dolan)/Óró Downey
  • Limerick Polka Set: You Broke My Cup and Saucer/The Caherline Chase (comp. Valerie Casey)/Tarmon’s
  • The Angel’s Whisper
  • Reels: Bualadh an Chasúir (comp. Valerie Casey)/The Road to Finter (comp. John Brady)/The Eel in the Sink/The High Road to Glin
  • Ócum an Phríosúin
  • Hornpipe & Jigs: The Leverette (comp. Máirtín O’Connor)/The Queen of Connaught (comp. Síle Denvir)/Dún-na-Sí (comp. John Brady)
  • Bold Atlantic (comp. Claire Dolan)
  • Highland & Reels: Trip to Blackpool (comp. Edel McLaughlin)/John Lewis’ (comp. John Lewis)/The Old Forge (comp. Josephine Marsh)
  • Tomás Bán Mac Aogáin
  • Early in the Month of Spring
  • The Clothier’s March
  • Jigs & Reel: The Mist Covered Mountain/The Spotted Dog (comp. John Mc Evoy)/Da Lass dat made the Bed for Me

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