An Irish Country Kitchen - Mary Kinsella

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This book provides a wide ranging introduction to the excellence of traditional Irish cooking, but also a superb pictorial memento of Ireland, in fourteen chapters it gives over 250 recipes.

Containing more than 250 recipes and 50 full-color photos displaying finished dishes and the countryside in which they remain so popular. This wide-ranging guide to Irish cooking doubles as a pictorial tribute to the Emerald Isle. Beginning appropriately with the classic Irish breakfast, it then proceeds to other highlights of Irish cooking, including specialties such as boxty, champ, colcannon, Guinness stew, and Skibbereen eagles. It also goes beyond the traditional, including recipes that bring an Irish touch to a wealth of fish, meat, poultry, and vegetable dishes popular throughout the world. Also included are valuable suggestions for flavorful salads, sauces, and stocks, as well as dessert recipes for Poitin Cake, Gaelige ice cream, and Irish flan.

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