Shane McIntyre Prints and Artwork - Túr Glinne / Glen Tower

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Images of Donegal by Shane McIntyre (Prints and Arttwork)

Size:   A4 / 21.0 x 29.7cm / 8.27 x 11.69

Túr Glinne / Glen Tower 


Shane McIntyre was born and raised in Glencolmcille. He is due to graduate from The National College of Art and Design in June 2021. Shane specialised in both Communication Design, and Education allowing him to pursue a career as a secondary school teacher and a designer. 

His work has recently focused on preserving and encouraging the promotion of the unique culture that has developed within South-West Donegal, for future generations to cherish. Through his work as an educator, Shane's main message to his students is to never underestimate the ability of an artist or designer to make a meaningful difference in the world through their work. 

 From living in this remote and awe-inspiring part of the world, the landscapes and environment also play a large role within Shane’s practice. 


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