Glenside Irish Classics CD

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Take a trip down memory lane with ‘Glenside Irish Classics'. 20 classic songs featured in Waltons Saturday afternoon radio programme of the 50’s, 60’S and 70’s. These songs are certain to lift the spirits of the listener with their lovely melodies and lyrics which hark back to a more innocent and carefree Ireland. “If you feel like singing, do sing an Irish song".

Track listing

1. This is the Walton’s programme - Leo Maguire
2. The Good Old Days - Mary McGonigle
3. The Whistling Gypsy - Joe Lynch
4. The Dublin Saunter - Noel Purcell
5. Come to the Ceili - Joe Lynch
6. Down by the Glenside - Charles Kennedy
7. Courtin’ in the Kitchen - Charlie McGee
8. A Munster Love Song - Liam De Valley
9. Dan O’Hara - Delia Murphy
10. Green Fields of Eireann - Mary McGonigle
11. Cottage by the Lee - Joe Lynch
12. Homes of Donegal - Charlie McGee
13. Hannigan’s Hooley - Joe Lynch
14. My Mary of the Curling Hair - Fergus O'Kelly
15. Come Down the Mountain Katie Daly - Eamonn O'Shea
16. The Ballad of Michael Collins - Brendan O'Reilly
17. The Little Beggerman - Charlie McGee
18. Skibbereen - Patricia Blake
19. The Bould Thady Quill - Joe Lynch
20. The Wild Rapparee - Charlie McGee
21. Sitting on the Bridge Below the Town - Joe Lynch
22. If you feel like singing - Leo Maguire

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